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Gradient Background is a tool that allows you to easily create a color gradient that matches your graphics needs. It comes in handy when you don't have PhotoShopTM or other advanced photo editing software at your fingertips.

You can specify the color that the image will be fading from, the color it will be fading to, the actual canvas size, as well as the gradient orientation - fading vertically or horizontally. Fill in the values below, and our site will generate the image you require in the .png format. We currently allow a maximum canvas size of 800x800 pixels.

 Canvas Width: pixels
 Canvas Height: pixels
 Color Start: (find a hex value)
 Color End: (find a hex value)
 Transition Style:
After you click "Generate Image" your file will appear below:
Once the image appears, right-click and select "Save Picture As" ... no hot-linking please,
as images are regularly deleted from our servers.

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